Wake and Bake with Marijuana Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake

This quick recipe for weed coffee cake is perfect for morning munchies. The cinnamon and sugar really mask the marijuana taste (if that’s not your cup of coffee). I used a mix from Trader Joe’s, but you can get the same results building the cake from scratch. Ingredients Coffee cake mix 1/3 cup marijuana cooking […]

How to Make Marijuana Cooking Oil

An infused fat is the basic building block of cannabis cooking, and oil is a great fat. You can go with olive or coconut or vegetable, and you’ll get great results (and no stems in your teeth) if you follow these three easy steps. Ingredients Marijuana, preferably shake Cooking oil Step 1: Pour the oil […]

Pot Brownies. Easy and Delicious.

The pot brownie is the Platonic ideal of the marijuana edible. There’s something about the way the chocolate blends with the subtle weed flavor that tastes like Christmas. Follow this quick and simple recipe to get out of the kitchen and into bliss. You’ll need weed-infused cooking oil and the regular ingredients for your favorite […]